A Cup of Coffee with Autumn

A Cup of Coffee with AutumnFirst impressions are important, but they don’t really tell you the whole story. How a person’s character develops is a fascinating tale that can only be discovered through establishment of a relationship in which disclosure occurs, coffee and conversation. But what about with a season?

When I think about the seasons as personalities the one that fascinates me most is Autumn. I’d love to sit down with a cup of coffee with Autumn. Autumn knows of the fresh Spring and the youthful Summer. Autumn knows that the changes mean that Winter is coming, but rather than be sad Autumn throws one last party.

With a brilliant flash of color the trees burst into flames of life. Though the leaves will wither and fall, the tree are dressed in jewels of topaz, ruby, garnet, and peridot. Some never lose their emeralds, for they will wear them in Winter, but for now they dance in the winds of Autumns party.

Autumn is that time when experience begins to transform into wisdom. We sit together, Autumn and I, watching the last party of Nature reflecting on our youth. This is the time when we still have our beauty and vitality. We haven’t spent it all. This is the time when we begin to know ourselves better. When we can talk of experiences past and those we have yet to have. We know that there are more to come in Winter.


What about you? Which season would you sit with, and what would you talk of?

*Photo: Coffee Art 01-30-07 by Drab Makyo, obtained through Flickr.

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