A Night Without Coffee

A Night Without CoffeeWhenever I have a chance to go out with any of my girlfriends, coffee inevitably makes an?appearance. ?However, this past Friday I somehow did without, which should amaze anyone who knows me. ?Coffee and friendship are usually an?inseparable?part of any outing.

During First Friday in Downtown Greensboro, NC, I set out with two wonderful women, one a long time best friend of mine, and one I’m planning to steal from my husband–that’s a story for another time, though. ?Suffice it to say, I had a great time taking in the downtown area, which to be quite honest I hadn’t every really done extensively. ?Most of the time I’m a destination type person. ?By that I mean I pick a place to go and after going I head back home. ?Rarely do I have time to meander the streets.

To be fair, I was combining business with pleasure, trying to get the most out of the time. ?I’m happy to report that not only did I fulfill my work requirements, but I found several places that I will be visiting again. ?The first is Design Archives Vintage and Handmade Emporium where I found this darling hat that I so could rock had I decided to actually buy it, but I opted to spend my money on food–specifically a slice of Triple Threat Chocolate cake and a Margarita Lime Cupcake at Cheesecakes by Alex. ?I’d rather eat my money than do just about anything else with it, so edibles over?collectibles.

I also discovered a place that I just know I already am completely in love with even though it was closed by the time we walked by. ?Under the name of the store Terra Blue the first word promising the delights inside was coffee. ?Now I’ll have to visit during business hours to be quite certain, but come on! ?Any place offering coffee already has an in with me. ?The fact that it also sells beads, jewelry, and other new age sundries can only be a total win. ?My bead collection is in sad need of bolstering. ?And of course, the two live cats sleeping in the shop windows are just begging for me to come back and meet them.

So even though my night was completely coffee free, spent with great company and tons of fun, I ended up with coffee plans nonetheless. ?It is never far from my mind.



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