A Roll of the Polyhedral Dice

If you were to suddenly plunk me down as I am into a world where the scenarios of a Dungeons and Dragons game were real, given my experiences to date, I would be a far more cautious person taking few if any risks at all. ?I would not be the adventurer of any story. ?To be quite honest, I’d probably be a villager of little note at all, not even part of the story unless for some reason one of the adventurers bumped into me at market and struck up a conversation. ?I do tend to remember strange things, but no one ever tells anyone they should seek me out specifically for my knowledge of trivial things.

However, joining a D&D group allows me to play a character far different from who I really am. ?Currently I’m playing a chaotic neutral?sorceress/favored soul. ?If the group wants to fight, I fight. ?If they want to run, I run. ?Mysterious blue veil we must pass through? ?Let’s go. ?I’m offered a?noxious smelling brew that may or may not cure my poisoned status? ?I’m drinking it. ?Let’s see what happens.

A Roll of the Polyhedral Dice

In reality I’m not so bold as I weigh pros and cons with my morality scale and pay closer attention to my status as a mere mortal, but in the game I don’t care so much. ?That’s part of the fun, taking risks, making choices you wouldn’t necessarily make in real life and seeing the outcome. ?What’s more is that the outcome is only marginally predictable because it’s all a matter of a roll of the polyhedral dice. ?So yeah, my poisoned status got cured by the black sludge, but it also caused me to vomit on a party member. ?Those are the moments I enjoy.

And if for some reason you are exceedingly curious about the story that has emerged out of the gaming group I’m a member of check it out at Savage Tide with Fire Trolls. ?Gamers should be aware that there are loads of spoilers, but those DMing the Savage Tide Adventure Path may be interested in our sometimes quirky?scenarios. ?I didn’t actually join the game play until Book 6, but I had a hand in some of the writing of the story prior to formally joining the party.


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  1. Troy April 11, 2011 at 12:15 pm #

    DM: Yeah, what she said.

    Love having you in the game, Veronica.

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