A Word Warrior’s Sword

The pen is my sword, and I wield it with precision.? It has the potential to be a dangerous weapon and should be respected.? It should not be carelessly flung about to hack and slash at the paper.? So, please, understand that when I have it in hand, my focus becomes as sharp as a blade.

When a warrior is training with her preferred weapon, it is wise to stand clear and allow the training session to proceed to its natural conclusion.? Walking into the session to boldly interrupt could result in accidental injury.? The same is true with my writing process.

It cannot be silent always, but when I find myself in the Zen of writing, I do not respond well to interruptions.? The idea of taking my pen and stabbing the offender is one that I must fight hard to keep from becoming a reality.? Fortunately for others, but not so fortunate for myself, the only thing to suffer from an interruption is my writing.

The only thing worse than an interruption to attend to the needs of the young–which happens quite often for me, and which I accept as a working from home mother–is the interruption to “check on my progress” by the other adult that may be home for lunch or having a day off.? This well intentioned act is also on occasion accompanied by well meaning “suggestions” on how to do what I was already in the process of doing.? How it could be done is not how I am doing it, but that does not mean that how I do it is in need of redirecting.

Writing is a process.? As with any process you experiment with different techniques to develop your skills.? Guidance is also necessary, and though it is ideal to seek out a mentor who embodies much of what you are trying to achieve, some times a good idea can come from the least likely of sources.? That being said, unless you are a Writing Master, do not interrupt my pen in mid stroke to tell me how to organize my notes or it very well may slip and bleed all over your pants.


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