Championing Art and Artists

Championing Art for ArtistsI’ve recently become a contributing writer for The Artist’s Champion blog by Persepolis Arts Agency located in Charlotte, NC. ?This blog focuses on news and events for Visual Artists.

I have always had an appreciation for paintings and?sculptures. ?I’m learning that visual arts covers quite a bit of ground and utilizes more than just paint brushes and chisels. ?Not only am I seeing art in a whole new spectrum, but I am also being challenged to take a new perspective.

My foundation is as a writer. ?I have always found inspiration in art. ?If I ever thought of art from the artist’s perspective it was thinking about what her?inspiration?might have been. ?Was he moved by love? ?Was she trying to make a?statement?

Now I’m being challenged to think beyond my?meager?appreciation to encompass the breadth and scope of Visual Art as it applies to the Artist. ?In addition to the blog’s?creator, I have spoken to a few artists to get an idea of what matters to an Artist. ?I hope that I do justice to the interests of an Artist as I write and open myself up to thinking and understanding Art from this new perspective.

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