Coffee, Tea, and Me

Coffee, Tea, and MeI do love coffee. ?It wasn’t an?instantaneous?love, but once won over by the elixir of morning motivation there was no turning back. ?I say there was no turning back, meaning that my love of coffee cannot be undone. ?However, I do have another love, one that some would say makes me a cheater.

The truth is as much as I love coffee, I also adore tea. ?I know I make a big show of my coffee love, but tea holds its own special place for me. ?While I would describe coffee as my go, tea is my soother. ?There is a different quality to the relaxation?achieved?through imbibing each.

With coffee I may be able to sit to enjoy the heat for a bit, but after a rather short time my body is ready to go, get up and do something. ?My brain begins clicking frantically through ideas to be chatted about in quick, excited bursts. ?Coffee is the bow, and I am the arrow. ?Once I have partaken of my coffee with the creamy, sweet goodness I can’t but help blend with the bitterness for balance, I am shot into motion with purpose.

Tea is an all together different experience, for though there are black tea blends to rival the motivating jolt that coffee can bring, it is the herbal blends that sooth me as no other can. ?Coffee is go, tea is slow. ?My absolute favorite is chamomile for its soothing, relaxing qualities. ?Forget the cream, my tea need only honey for that amber liquid sweetness is the perfect flavor enhancement. ?And should I have the?privilege?of choosing, I prefer orange blossom honey. ?Trust me, my palate knows the difference.

I spend so much time drinking coffee that tea has become more of a mistress to me, but one I will never willingly give up. ?I could not choose between the two for all the world. ?They each?possess qualities that appeal to the different needs within me. ?So though I may profess my love of coffee loud and proud, do not think that my neglect to mention my love of tea as any kind of shame or secret. ?It is merely that tea is a softer, more tender love of which I can only whisper for it effects me so, quieting the chaos of my world.

*Photo: — floral mugs — by bancroft&ivy, obtained through Flickr.


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