Creative Charts

Since my daughter began school we’ve been using charts for responsibilities and behavior. ?For K-1 she attended a standard public school and we used the standard grid chart. ?Now that she is in a Montessori school I’m trying to be more creative and flexible while maintaining a sense of order. ?Hop on over to read about our New School, New Charts and New Attitude over at where I explain how we came to this new arrangement.

Here are pictures of a couple of the new creative charts I’ve come up with for my daughter. ?There is no set time for responsibilities to be done beyond get them done each day. ?She adds stickers (we use foam stickers and layer them for fun) each time she completes a task. ?Since changing the charts there have been less behavior issues, which for us resulted from the constant hassling to do tasks at their assigned time. ?We’ve cut out the micromanaging and it has made all the difference.

Creative Charts 2

What are some of your creative ways of getting everyone to help get things done around the house?


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