Dear Santa and Anyone Else Wondering

Dear Santa and Anyone Else WonderingDear Santa,

It’s been a while since I wrote you. Mostly I help my kids write to you, and I’m so glad you are still taking our letters. My kids are amazed at how efficient it is to simply put their letters in the fire place before bedtime on the December 1 and see that they have been sucked up to fly to you in the North Pole the next morning. Sometimes they suspect that your elves may have misfiled them, but are OK with the fact that the gift they asked for might have gone to another kid instead.

It is amazing how sometimes you get them something better than they asked for, which is why they insist on leaving out the good cookies for you. Yes, it was I who made your milk a White Russian last year, but I figured with all the hard work you do and the fact that your reindeer are so smart that one drink would be fine. Obviously you liked it, and I will happily do it again.

This brings me to the point of this letter. You see, I’ve been a pretty good Mommy this year, and I do very much still believe in you. I know that I have been inducted into the secret ranks of Santa’s Special Helper and that for the most part that puts me under the second elf in command, but I was hoping that I might have the opportunity to make a wish list too. I also opted for an open letter on my website just to show everyone how much I really do believe in you (and to give them ideas since they always ask me what I want for Christmas then tell me how hard it was to think of anything).

Here’s my Christmas Wish List in no particular order:

  • A new set of True Blue household gloves. My other pair protected my hand from a new knife I was washing, but were ruined in the process.
  • A box of various teas. My favorites are chamomile and mint teas, but I also like Earl Grey.
  • Some really nice salad tongs. I just thought something fancy would me cool, but this isn’t a necessity.
  • New pot holders. My kitchen is blue and yellow, but I like seasonal themed things too. Hey, if they come with decorative hand towels that would be a total bonus!
  • Body wash. I use regular soap all the time, and I thought it would be nice to have something that smelled of either vanilla or lavender. I think Bath & Body Works has one with the two mixed together. Just so you know.
  • A gift card for would be awesome as I have a wish list of books there that is longer than anything anyone wants to read. Similarly stuffing my stocking full of money would do the trick. I do try to find books at the used book store whenever I can. If you’d like, however, I’ll include my top 5 wish list books: 1) The Mysterious Death of Miss Austen by Lindsay Ashford 2) Play to Talk: A Practical Guide to Help Your Late-Talking Child to Join the?Conversation by James MacDonald, Ph.D. 3) The Fairy Bible: The?Definitive?Guide to the World of Fairies by Teresa Moorey 4) Northanger Abby and Angels and Dragons by Vera Nazarian 5) Eat Free: No Gluten. No Sugar. No Guilt by Rhiannon Lawrence. (As you can see from just these few that my list is eclectic and I just can’t expect everyone to know what sort of book I want and be willing to buy it.)

Thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully consider my requests. The good cookies and White Russian will be waiting regardless of any wish fulfillment.

Always Believing,


P.S. I don’t really expect to get everything or anything on this list, but I thought I’d write it just in case. I know the kids come first.

Any other believers what to add their wishes?

*Photo: My gifts were the prettiest, as always by vsmoothe, obtained through Flickr.

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