Dude! Free Nachos

Dude! Free NachosVery few things are as appealing as free nachos. ?Free is generally my favorite price, but put that in front of nachos and you have my attention. ?This also works on my husband. ?We are easy like that, so when the offer for free nachos came with a pitch along with other appealing details who were we to say no? ?Well, we found out that the free nachos would have been better had we been fully prepared to enjoy them in the?environment?in which they were being offered, however, one key detail had been left out of the pitch which made it very uncomfortable.

Today I’m guest posting over at Alise…Write! I met Alise through Twitter and collaborated during last March’s Women’s History month project to celebrate women. ?She is a wonderfully positive woman, and I am so glad that we’ve struck up a friendship. ?Head on over to her blog and have some?Free Nachos and God. ?(Seriously, you have to read it.)

*Photo: Nachos by The Marmot, obtained through Flickr.


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