Mommy MysticismExpectations rank right up there with assumptions. Perhaps you’ve heard the axiom that assumptions make an ass of you and me? Expectations do something similar.

If you really want to know why life seems so complicated I’d say it is because of expectations. We all have them in?abundance, even when we try to keep them reasonable. We have expectations for what we think situations should be like and how people should behave. Some of our expectations we aren’t even aware of until we find ourselves frustrated that things aren’t going the way we thought they would.

Motherhood is rife with expectations.

Growing up I looked to my mother. I looked to other mothers. I looked to mothers in movies and books. I learned about mothers in school. The number of expectations I had surrounding motherhood were so deeply conflicted that I had no idea how I could ever be a good mother.

Motherhood is nothing and everything like I expected.

I do things my way, the best I can. I make mistakes. I get things right. I have good moments and bad. Sometimes those moments last all day.

What I expected of motherhood, and what I’ve found.

  • That it would be difficult, but I had no idea how difficult.
  • That I would love my children, but I had no idea how strong that love would be.
  • That I would be patient, but I didn’t account for the level of frustration my children would cause me.
  • That I would be firm, but I didn’t account for how weary I’d feel at times.
  • That I would care about my?appearance, but sometimes brushing my teeth is all I can manage.
  • That I would answer my children’s questions, but I had no idea they’d ask so many so close together…repeatedly.

What were some of your expectations, and how have they turned out?


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