Faith and Friendship

Faith and FriendshipLooking at a group photo from my first year at Peace College it is clear by my glasses and awesome Bill Cosby-esque sweater that I was an off-beat surrounded by beautiful young ladies with far more fashion sense than myself, like the bright smiling one in purple beside me. ?That’s?Mary Kathryn and, if you didn’t know, she’s amazing. ?Even then she was amazing.

We lived on the same floor, which was rumored to be haunted as the building had once served as a military hospital during the Civil War. ?The only thing that ever kept me up at night was the conversation we girls commonly engaged in that involved as much giggling as scholarly intellect. ?We all had a lot to talk about in those days as we worked on filling our brains, and figuring out who and what we wanted to be. ?What I remember most about MK was how engaging any conversation was with her involved.

At the time we were in very different places with our differing faiths, but nevertheless engaged in many conversations. ?We had no way of knowing then that we had laid the foundation of a friendship that would blossom anew years later as we became bloggers. ?She shares her life and faith on her blog Beauty for Ashes where she has graciously invited me to guest post Not Lost, but Wandering. ?I hope you continue over there, and stick around to read her amazing posts.

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  1. mary kathryn tyson July 7, 2011 at 8:12 pm #

    oh my word, this picture CRACKS ME UP! i love it! i’m not sure which is more awesome: your big glasses and cosby sweater or my tie-dyed hair. aw, this makes my heart smile, friend. thanks for finding it. thanks also for your kind and gracious words. it has done my soul well to reconnect with you, old friend. xo

    • Veronica July 7, 2011 at 8:20 pm #

      I’m so glad you invited me to share my journey with you and your readers. We were very young then, now we are just young. I don’t think my poor fashion sense has been completely cured, but my glasses are now geek chic. As for your hair, I loved it. It was just one more thing that made you fun. (P.S. I also have pics from our end of the year 4th pool party. Was that at your aunts?)


  1. not lost, but wandering. « beauty for ashes - July 8, 2011

    […] stairs or take the creepy elevator to get there, we had few visitors. and so, we all became our own weird little family. (oh, if only i had a picture of us […]

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