First Quarter Progress

AprilIt is time to look at the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year to gauge my progress.

Read 2 books each month. One for?DJABC?and one other of my?choosing. I shall utilize?my Goodreads account?to keep track of that.

According to my Goodreads account I have read 12 books to date. I have stayed on track reading for DJABC, but after I made my initial book reading goal I upped the ante and took on some extra reading projects. I made my Goodreads reading goal 50 books, and also agreed to read and review books for Austenprose as well as upon request from others. Three of the books I’ve read this year fall in the book review?category, but as I only review books I’m interested in reading they totally count. I also track those books on Goodreads.

I will meditate at least twice a week for 20 minutes. Meditation Monday and Wednesday will become a regular part of my routine as those are the days I could benefit most from meditating.

I have not been as mindful of this goal as I would like to be. Some of my meditations are better?described?as me daydreaming and staring out the window for twenty minutes, which is not really meditation the way I have practiced before. I must be more?disciplined?about this for it to be effective. Spiritual enlightenment and stress reduction are both deliberate?pursuits.

Edit manuscript from #NaNoWriMo 2011 and have at least two others read through it to offer suggestions and?criticism. I already have two readers in mind (Melinda and Sarah), so I?ll plan to have the MS ready for their review by March. (See by actually naming them and the deadline they have my permission to hound me.)

I did edit the entire manuscript, gave the first three chapters to Sarah for?critiquing, but have not done much with it since.

Revise MS after review by beta readers. This is dependent on the previous goal. I?ll set a tentative deadline for May on this one.

As stated previously I have have not gotten this done one little bit. I will need to rethink my timeline as I push myself on this one. I work around freelance writing?and my children. This means that while I have a priority list I have to be flexible. I’m working on it.

Complete the five Austenesque short stories I?ve outlined for an ebook collection. This is a project I?m working on with Sarah, so she can help me stay focused. Plus, I think I have one already complete, which really leaves four more. I?m focusing on the ones I have outlined, but there may be more in the works afterward.

Haven’t worked on this one since making it. *sigh* I’m looking into joining a writing group in the hope that it will help me with my short stories as well as my writing overall.

Get 100% completion on my Ratchet and Clank Collection. That?s just a fun goal for the year to work on with my kids.

This goal I thought would be fun and not too difficult since my plan was to work on it with my kids. Well, my son has been erasing our saved game data. That does not help. Still, we play. We also got Little Big Planet 2 and are having fun playing that one. This is goal is mostly about just having fun with my kids, so I’m not stressing this one too much. Plus, with warmer weather coming (if spring ever finally gets springing) we plan to spend more time outside and visiting the zoo and science center and other adventures.

Obviously I need to get my self together better to stay on target with these goals. That is why I’m taking the time to check my progress. If I didn’t do this then I’d have no clue how I was doing, and therefore would stand even less of a chance of?achieving?my goals. When I check in again at the half way mark I’m hoping to be on track in all areas or have a modification for the goal.

*Photo: The April calendar I made with my daughter out of scrapbooking paper scraps, acrylic paint, and reused brown packing paper.

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