Five Minutes Still

1. Write for 5 minutes flat with no editing, tweaking or self critiquing.

2. Link back to?the Gypsy Mama and invite others to join in. ?(The button code can be found in the side bar on her site.)

3.?Go and tell the person who linked up before you what their words meant to you.

Today’s prompt is Still.


Five Minutes StillStill I breathe. ?Though the emotional turmoil rolls through me, still I breathe. ?Taking the time to be still, try to silence the storm. ?Still. ?Nothing truly prevents it. ?I feel my heart beat, the air pushing in and out of my lungs. ?I endure, hoping to thrive, but baring that still, I breath. ?Some times that is all we can ask of ourselves, all we can expect. ?When the chaos numbs the brain and solutions seem beyond attainment, still, we breathe. ?That is one of our greatest gifts, though we seldom appreciate it for what it is, the strength to endure, and we can endure much more than seems fair…more than we can understand. ?Time marches on, and still, I breathe. ?My heart is heavy with…


*Photo: These things are cool! by Debs (???)?, obtained through Flickr.

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  1. lisa July 29, 2011 at 9:53 am #

    Beautiful! “I endure, hoping to thrive, but baring it still, I breathe”.
    love that!
    have a great day!

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