Fun Breaks

Fun BreakYes, my plan was to blog every day in May, but let’s face it, I break for weekend fun with my kids. That too is part of the Mommy Way.

That is how seriously I take being a mother. I am not just here to care for them, feed them, clothe them and keep them safe. I am also here to teach them how to have fun and enjoy life.

Growing up and becoming an adult does not mean that I stopped liking all the things I liked when I was young. In fact, growing up gave me new ways to appreciate them. I also get to enjoy them for the first time all over again with my children.

This past Saturday was Free Comic Book Day. I couldn’t pass that up for several reasons. First let me repeat FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!?There is no part of that I could resist as a mother or as the geek that I am. This year in addition to my favorite comic book store Acme Comics?doing things up so well, which had a line nearly two blocks long, the Natural Science Center of Greensboro?was also participating with Acme, offering more opportunities to meet artists and writers. Not to mention the fabulously costumed characters.

Now I can check photo with Storm Trooper off my bucket list!

Childhood lasts for only a short time, but the joy of it never really has to end. I love all the things I get to share with my children. Their childhood is my second, and I am enjoying it almost better than my first.

I guess I should go ahead and say it since I failed to mention it before clearly. Rarely do I write, let alone post, on the weekends for any of my blogs. That is the time reserved most stringently for my children and fun breaks.

How do you make time for fun with your children? What kinds of things do you like sharing best??

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2 Responses to Fun Breaks

  1. Dianna M May 10, 2012 at 12:02 pm #

    “Now I can check photo with Storm Trooper off my bucket list” — Love it! And I would’ve guessed that would be on your bucket list to begin with.
    I believe as you do that it is our jobs as parents to also teach our children to have fun and enjoy life. Bravo!

    • Veronica Monique May 10, 2012 at 12:25 pm #

      Yes! Next up a photo with a Klingon, the Green Lantern, a wookie, an ewok, and a few others… 🙂

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