Geeking for Geek Pride Day

First let’s just break down what a geek is (the very act of doing so proves geekhood already).? The definition of a geek has changed over time from a carnival performer to roughly a person highly interested in technology and intellectual jargon.? Even the definition of geek is constantly in flux and debated.? Images of dorky glasses and pocket protectors are prolific when one mentions the word geek.? These are the people who have seen just about every science fiction/fantasy show including the bonus features, and quote from them at random.? A geek is one who prepares for a video game marathon session as if it were a week long camping trip because the game will be finished before life resumes.? A geek will even play games with dice and imagination that “normal” people cannot even begin to comprehend.

If you feel compelled to argue or debate any of what I have said thus far then you, my friend, are a geek.? Oh, you can claim to be a nerd (like that’s any different) saying that you are only a bookworm of some kind, but that’s just another kind of geek.? There is a whole continuum of geekdom.? If I had to take a guess, I’m sure I’d fall somewhere on the very geeky side.? I can hide it with contacts and because I’m female.? For some reason geekhood is attributed largely to the male gender for they are the geekier of the species, but trust me, when I start rattling off my knowledge of Star Trek vs. Star Wars and comic book lore, well, the geek is out.

Here is a short list of what makes a geek so great.

  • A geek is always up on the latest techno-gadget, and therefore no Neandertal.? (Look it up non-geeks, that wasn’t a spelling error.)
  • A geek is better at role playing games, which when you think about it has some pretty hot applications.
  • A geek is a detail oriented, methodical and completely attentive-to-the-task-at-hand kind of person.? (Again, hot application possibilities.)
  • A geek is the best person to have on your Trivia Pursuit team, though be aware that some geeks specialize and may not be a geek of general know-it-allness.
  • A geek is a hard working individual making money to support geeky habits, but there is always the potential for stability there.

The list could go on for all the good points of a geek.? Anything you can think of as being a detracting quality of a geek can be flipped very easily to highlight the positive potential of that quality.

So let your geekiness show.? Be proud that you remember when wearing the red shirt meant the guy was going to die, and that you can calculate exactly how long a Red Bull will stay in your system so you can prepare for your next game-athon.? Gather in groups to play games with your imagination.? Don’t be ashamed.? Be a proud geek, today and every day!


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  1. CyranoLuna May 30, 2010 at 11:40 pm #

    Geek chicks are super sexy!

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