Getting Real About Saving Money

Getting Real About Saving MoneyI have always been somewhat thrifty. ?I repurpose as much as possible without becoming a complete?pack-rat. ?Organizing things is one of my best skills, and I utilize it to the fullest at home. ?Every cubby, nook, and cranny is occupied–closets, under sinks, dressers, drawers–you name it. ?Periodically I go through to reorganize as well.

There have been plenty of things I am perfectly content to leave to other people. ?In fact grocery shopping is one of them. ?My husband and I had a system that worked for us until quite recently. ?Now, this task has fallen largely to me. ?Laugh if you will, but I have never been interested in doing everything for or around my house, so this is new. ?In my efforts to feed my family, make things run as easily and smoothly as possible, and be a cost conscious shopper I have adapted some new strategies for grocery shopping.

Hop on over to MomsGetReal to check out my Modified Pennywise Shopping Strategies and find out how I’m saving money.


*Photo: Piggy Bank and Calculator by Images_of_Money, obtained through Flickr.

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