Gross is Part of the Deal

Today I’m guest posting over at Some Wise Guy who features “tidbits from the trenches of fatherhood.” As I’ve been sharing my?experiences of motherhood it seemed the perfect opportunity. Mothers, fathers, we’re all parents and it’s good to know we aren’t alone. Today I share about the less glamorous part of the Mommy Way and how gross it can get.

Seriously, that?s something no one ever really mentioned to me before I had kids. Well, there was that one chili scene in Mr. Mom with Michael Keaton, but I thought that was an exaggeration of grossness for the entertainment value. Plus, wasn?t Keaton playing a dad without a clue? Surely a mother would know how to anticipate, avoid and/or deal with anything in the least gross, most efficient manner possible, right?

To read more head on over to Some Wise Guy where I share how Sometimes Love Looks Like Snot.

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