Half Empty or Half Full

Half Empty or Half FullSitting with one of my best gal pals over a delicious Mocha in our favorite coffee shop/book store the topic of conversation shifted to how we describe a glass with liquid at the half way mark inside. ?This is the half empty or half full dilemma, which many use to determine if one is a?pessimist?or an?optimist. ?But I think that is over simplifying things.

When asked, for me, it depends on the state of the glass before the half way mark was reached. ?If the glass was previously empty then it is now half full. ?If the glass was previously full then it is now half empty. ?So what does this make me? ?Pragmatic?

And what about the kind of glass? ?What appears to be half way in one glass may fill another glass entirely and then some, making your cup runneth over. ?Likewise, the same amount of liquid?transfered?to a glass of epic proportions would barely register as a drop.

Once we realize the half way nature of the liquid in the glass, what next? ?Do we consume it or add more? ?Perhaps we are not satisfied with the liquid at all, and should simply throw it out. ?Wait! ?Is the glass the?metaphor?for me, making the liquid my life? ?Did I just throw out my life? ?Great! ?Now I’m?neurotic.

Thus another cup of coffee with a friend becomes more than just a cup of coffee. ?I say my glass is half empty. ?I need a refill, please. ?This conversation isn’t over yet.

What about your cup? ?Half empty or half full? ?What makes it so?

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