In Which It Was Not Wasted

I am a fairly lazy laundry lady. Things get washed, but I don’t have a high priority on getting clothes from the dryer to wherever they should be once clean. As a result most morning consist of getting out of bed and running to the laundry room to fish something out of the dryer, and the floor is freezing!?

While checking my social media feeds I came across this article explaining How to Make Rag Rugs. I am not naturally gifted in the knowing how to do anything, but if there are directions out there I can muddle through and have no fear of attempting it.


In cleaning out my linen closet I found an old cloth shower curtain. As I have no need of it, having shower doors on all showers I figured it was ripe for creative slaughter. Shredding it did provide a degree of satisfaction, I’m not going to lie.

door-holderThen came the braiding. The directions said something about wrapping it around a door knob, but I found that actually closing it in the door provided better resistance. Plus there was the added benefit of keeping the part I’d already braided out of the cat’s attack zone and away from my kids.

All in all the shredding and braiding took me two hours. Then I went to bed.

sewingThe sewing I did the next day.

Now anyone who knows way more about sewing than I do can look at that picture and already see the problem developing, but I was oblivious and just kept sewing.

I think I was using the wrong stitch setting. I know I went through a spool of thread, having to re-spool 3 times for that stupid little bobbin that always runs out in the middle of any project I’m doing–the one that threads the underside. (Again, I am not the most proficient seamstress.)

hatWhich is probably why I ended up with a hat.

Yep, my sewing around and around made a cone rather than a flat circle. And cones do not always flatten out. I mean look at that lumpy mess. Maybe the cat could crawl up in it and I should have just called it a cat bed.


But no. I’m creative and stubborn. The whole point of this project was to make a rag rug for my laundry room so my feet wouldn’t freeze every morning when I inevitably have to fish something out of the dryer.

perfect-cornerThe solution was to fold the cone in half. And LOOK! It now fits perfectly. OK, so maybe not perfectly, but at least it lies flat and my feet won’t freeze.

And for all those thinking, “Why doesn’t she just fold and put away laundry?” I laugh with you because while I can abstractly agree and think the same thing, we all know that doing everything perfect is a myth when you are taking care of a family, working, and you know, living.

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