It is Better to Bend…

Remember that working discipline I mentioned with a flexible schedule?? Well, change has proven the necessity of my flexibility, and more is looming on the horizon.? My schedule has had to change since the decision to pull my daughter from after school care was made, which cut two and a half hours of productivity time from my day.

How is that?? Well, my peek performance time is between 2:30 and 5:00 p.m.? This has now become my least productive and most stress inducing time with both kids to work around.? Homework must be done, snacks must be administered, and daily kindergarten debriefings must now be done during this time.

My son has also decided that he prefers his naps between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m., which means his nap is interrupted when he and I have to go pick up my daughter.? This makes for a very cranky little guy.

Adjusting to this has been quite stressful, but I fear there is a far more daunting challenge on the horizon.? Every child’s excitement and every parent’s dread…summer vacation.? Oh, the joy of all day play!? This will last for approximately one day before the cries of “I’m bored” will be heard in my house, I can assure you of that.? My daughter is not the play quiet kind, and I am.? My son goes either way.? So summer activities are now on my to-do list.? This means less work time for me.

There is only one way remain sane during this transition, and that is to surrender to the power of the wind.? In this case that means to give in to the play and let the kids guide me.? Somehow I will find time to write.? My schedule will not look as it has, and it is destined to alter frequently throughout the coming summer.? It may lose all resemblance to any kind of organized schedule.? For this I must prepare to become more like the reed and bend in the wind.

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