Jane Austen, Zombies and a Book Club

Jane Austen, Zombies and a Book ClubIf you were to view my library–after being completely impressed with the fact that I have a room I can call a library–you would find my shelves lined with a mixture of classics and supernaturally themed books. ?I have always had a particular fondness for Victorian Women Writers and a morbid?fascination?with the undead as well as other supernatural beings of myth and legend. ?So when someone got the brilliant idea to merge the two, how could I not be a fan?

Jane Austen and the Undead

Yes, Jane Austen is one of my top ten favorite writers of all time.

Yes, I am convinced that the Zombie Apocalypse is one of the more thrillingly?terrifying?ways the world could end.

Yes, when Pride and Prejudice and Zombies hit the bookstore I wanted one–and thanks to a fabulously educated woman with the same quirky appreciation for both Jane Austen and zombies, I got one for my birthday! ?(Thank you, Sarah!)

Since its publication, a slew of classic retellings infused with zombies, vampires, werewolves and other?hideous?creatures have been?cropping up. ?I cannot tell you how absolutely GLEEFUL that has made me. ?I quite?literally?make all those squeely girly sounds of joy and excitement. ?A level of bliss usually only seen or heard from me during Halloween, just ask anyone.


As if the birth of this new genre wasn’t enough, it sparked the renewal of an old idea with new un-life.

I give you the Dark Jane Austen Book Club!

Come check it out, and join in the fun as Sarah and I head up the book club you’ve been waiting for without ever knowing it was possible.


*Photo: Words by Emborg, obtained through Flickr. ?(Not a Jane Austen Novel)

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