Let Them Eat Cake

There are just some phrases that you only dream of actually using in your own life because a situation that may call for such a thing just doesn’t seem to happen. Well, last night I got lucky.

I was reminded about a groupon deal for a tapas wine bar that my husband had gotten me and a friend. She and I quickly figured it was the perfect time to use it and called in other friends. Last minute on a Thursday night doesn’t get you many available ladies, but we managed one addition to our party and that was a wonderful addition. The three of us had a wonderful time.

It was the most sophisticated adult thing I believe I’ve ever done to date. The atmosphere was lovely and the wine suggestions were spot on for my liking. I ended up having a glass of white with a slice of brie and apple slices followed by a glass of red with some chocolate truffles. Unfortunately I do not remember the names of the wine, and to be honest two glasses made me quite tipsy, having very little tolerance. At least I didn’t do anything?embarrassing, and I was in good company.

After four hours of tapas and wine we decided that we were still quite hungry. As we were settling up we discovered that we hadn’t ordered enough food to take full advantage of the groupon we had. (No wonder we were still hungry.) But we were set on heading to a pasta restaurant so what to do? One of the ladies suggested ordering some more truffles to go, which sounded great to me, so when the manager came back (him being our waiter as well) I asked, “Can you pay me out in chocolate truffles?”

He blinked at me then said, “I’m not sure we have enough. I’ll go check.”

This is where I fell into a fit of laughter because my request to be paid in chocolate was actually being taken seriously. I mean, how often is that ever going to happen to me in my lifetime? Sure my husband knows I love chocolate, and my friends…but that isn’t the same.

The manager returns to say my dessert is being boxed up, we settle our wine bill, and everyone parts happily–me with my bag of yummy goodness. The ladies and I got to dinner, with me still jazzed at the idea of having been paid in chocolate. Dinner was an excellent grilled talapia with shrimp and?avocado?tomato something so good I can’t even describe it properly.

Afterward my friend takes me home. I get in the house and tell my husband the story and thank him for the groupon gift. I open up my dessert containers (there being three) to see this:


That, as you can plainly see is not a truffle. And the other containers each had a mini-cheesecake. I fell out laughing all over again. Chocolate would have been better, but I still got paid in dessert. Plus, since cheesecake is my husband’s favorite dessert he got to have an extra special thank you. It was a total win of a night as far as I’m concerned.

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