Life’s Lemons and What to do with Them

Life's Lemons and What to do with ThemApparently Life is giving out lemons. ?So many in fact that there is even an over used and abused saying to deal with them: “When live gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

Basically we all know that this is a clever little quip reminding us that with a bit of creativity and positive thinking anything can be over come. ?At least I hope this is the correct interpretation, otherwise I want to know where all my lemons are.

If we stick to the?metaphor, I think I’ve done rather well with my lemons. ?It’s coming up on a year next month that my career path in life changed. ?Once I was a counselor, an English teacher, and then a reading and math tutor for troubled teens. ?Now I’m firmly set on the path of a writer. ?From the moment I wake up until the moment sleep drags me into dreamland (and sometimes even then) my mind is working on writing.

I love the challenges of writing, professionally and personally. ?There is no topic that cannot be written about. ?Perhaps, not all topics offer an ease of understanding or pleasing content, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be written. ?The only time I would ever say no is due to time?management, but I always say yes to writing.

However, should life ever deliver on those real lemons here are a few ideas of what to do when life gives you lemons:

  • Make lemonade.
  • Grab the?tequila?and salt.
  • Throw them back.
  • Find someone with a paper cut.
  • Trade for some oranges.
  • Be grateful.


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