Mixing It Up

Mixing It UpI am a real person, and as such I have a?multifaceted personality. ?As a writer I try to account for this by writing on various topics, some informative and some personal. ?I explore the inner workings of my mind through my writing, and I’m OK with self-analysis. ?I don’t even mind when people offer feedback or?criticism.

I don’t share everything. ?Some things are not meant to be shared. ?I have my secrets, and they will stay secret. ?However, I like to share things I hope others can either relate to or things I hope to get people thinking about. ?As such the topics that appear on this blog reflect my line of thinking. ?Though they may not always fit nicely into a set category or flow neatly together, I still think they are worth posting.

In any given day I may smile, frown, laugh, cry, shout, yell, and be silent. ?I am a writer, a mother, a wife, a friend, and more. ?Being a fully?dimensional?being, and a writer to boot means I can come off as random if my topics don’t all seem to relate, but if I chose only one thing to write about all the time, well, that just wouldn’t be true to who I am. ?Plus, I think it would be boring.

There are those that would prefer I stick to one subject, or that I keep things out of the personal?realm. ?That just isn’t how I live, think, or write. ?So for those of you who choose to subscribe–and I hope you do–be prepared to read about writing, life, and whatever I’ve been hired to write about.


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