Mom’s Big Special Book

Mom's Big Special BookWhere do you come up with this stuff?

I have a few friends who ask me this every time I whip out a crafting project or idea for the kids. Sometimes I do make it up completely, but most of the time it’s an idea or project I found while?perusing?a magazine, book, or watching TV.

It started with my mother. She has always been into DIY projects, always redecorating. Once she was done with her Better Homes and Gardens?magazines I would get a hold of them. Sometimes I would tear out a page with a picture I liked or a project description I thought I could follow. Over the years this has also included Martha Stewart’s Living, Real Simple,?and other crafting magazines of all kinds. I just kept stuffing these ideas away in a box.

When I became pregnant with my daughter something compelled me to go through that box. I started looking at all these torn pages, clippings, and scribbled notes thinking which ones would be fun to do with her once she was old enough. I organized them according to season because that just seemed right at the time. Once I had that done I just looked at it all and thought that it would be good to have them in a book that made sense to me and that I could look through more easily to find the idea I wanted.

Mom's Big Special Book 2That’s when I created Mom’s Big?Special?Book. One three inch D-ring binder, multiple packs of sheet protectors, random bits of scrabbooking materials and some glue?made it all complete. Periodically I go through the book to weed out old ideas I no longer want or things we’ve tried that we didn’t like or won’t do again. I’m still adding to it as well.

It’s perfect for rainy days, boring days, party planning, or just whenever. It’s full of crafting ideas, party theme ideas, games,?recipes, and anything else that strikes my fancy. With all the magazines, books and TV shows out there good ideas are plentiful. Some moms are good with thinking up brilliant ideas out of the blue, but let’s face it, most of us make use of what’s already out there. This is just my way of keeping it all organized in one place so that I always have something at my fingertips.

Where do you find your best ideas? Got a favorite crafting magazine, book, or TV show you could recommend?

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