Mother’s Day Reflection

Mother’s Day around my house is a day my husband and I call our mothers to wish them a happy day. I get many well wishes from family and friends, but it isn’t a day I get a whole lot beyond that.

Do I expect more? Not really. Do I want more? Sure, but I’m not?disappointed.

This past Sunday for Mother’s Day I didn’t get breakfast in bed. We were all too sleepy to wake up. I didn’t get brunch because when my husband did finally get up and about he found that there was no milk for making waffles or pancakes, and there was no bacon for bacon and eggs. By the time we all got dress to head out, it was lunch.

Sure, I’d like to be queen for the day. I’d like to wake up to breakfast in bed and a gift certificate for a spa day. I’d like to sit back and relax, leaving my husband to care for the kids and have the kids be perfect angels. What mother wouldn’t want that? I hear from the?mysterious they that some mothers get that, but I’ve never seen it.

After lunch with my husband and two kids we went on a family grocery shopping trip. Those are always fun, but not particularly relaxing. I didn’t even get anything particularly special. I’m not complaining, though, just sharing.

As much as I’d like to be treated as queen for the day, I really don’t expect it. Being with my family is all that I really need, and we don’t have to do anything different than we usually do. If I were at a spa being pampered, how would that be celebrating my being a mother? I don’t want a one off. I want to be appreciated as a mother everyday.

How about you?


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