Not So Random Acts of Kindness

There are some things I do when no one is looking because I care enough to do them, but they don’t win me any prizes. ?These random acts of kindness are really not so random, and are done more for myself than anyone else. ?In fact, they may actually be more acts of selfishness than anything else.

The way I figure it, anything that bothers me is worth me getting off my own butt and doing something about. Plus, I find that doing things the way I want tends to benefit others, and this is a far more positive way of expressing myself than the complaining. ?Here are my top three not so random acts of selfishness that have the added benefit of being kindnesses as well.

  • Litter Bug Detail: This is where I pick up after myself and any extra trash I find laying around the area I was occupying. ?Sometimes I even carry an empty plastic bag on a walk to pick up anything I happen upon along the way.
  • Shopping Cart Roundup: When I go shopping I park nearest the shopping cart corral and usually pick up a random cart from the parking lot that someone chose not to put in the appropriate place. ?Once my trip is done, I not only return my cart to the corral, but I also take the time to?shove the rest into that tight line that makes them easier to store and push for the poor clerk who is tasked to get them.
  • Mosquito Population Control: The mosquito life cycle actually involves three of its four stages taking place in water, usually the stagnant water that collects in puddles. ?This is why I dump out any container that has collected rain water. ?Mosquitoes have plenty of breeding grounds in the woods and swamps, they don’t need my yard.

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