On Being a Word Warrior

On Being a Word WarriorIt has been quite a while since I wrote about my Word Warrior ways. ?I’ve been asked plenty what it means to be a Word Warrior, and I’ve come to realize that it needs explaining–as much as I can explain it, anyway. ?I’ve also come to realize that I need to do better.

A Word Warrior uses her words.

This seems self?evident, but what does it mean?

Using your words is more than just saying what you feel like. ?Using your words should involve careful consideration of their meaning and intent, denotation as well as connotation. ?It also means realizing that there are a vast number of words to choose from and some work better than others to convey your meaning. ?Don’t be afraid to use a word that is the right word for your intent even though it may mean enlightening others to a new word to add to their vocabulary. ?At the same time, don’t go all crazy cerebral with your big words either.

A Word Warrior is?disciplined.

This is were I find that I need to do better because I haven’t been following a very clear path before now. ?That was fine in the beginning as I was just wading in this vast ocean with but a single edict: write.

Now I see that I need some rules to follow, and perhaps they will serve others.

  • Read: Reading is fuel for the muse.
  • Observe: All around there is inspiration for the muse.
  • Live: Be engaged in life. ?Experience is fuel for the muse.
  • Everyday: ?Set aside a place and time to write because the muse is sustained by commitment.

Sometimes my muse is a harsh task mistress demanding that I write down my thoughts and feelings as they are happening. ?Post-It notes or a little notebook in my purse provide a means to appease this demand. ?Sometimes my muse is silent. ?Those are the times when the world is too loud or I have been neglecting my R.O.L.E. (Read. Observe. Live. Everyday.) as a Word Warrior.

I fully commit myself to my R.O.L.E. and choose to use my words as a Word Warrior to honor my truth and creativity.


How are you honoring your truth and creativity?


*Photo: Day Off by Tomorrow Never Knows, obtained through Flickr.

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