Organized Mess

Organized MessI’d love to have an organized home, but what I really have is an organized mess. I’ve mentioned my extensive supply of crafting materials multiple times, and just as often I’ve been asked where I keep it all. The first picture here is what most people imagine. A nice neat, well organized storage arrangement. The truth is that this 12 drawer cart is only the tip of the iceberg, and a relatively disappointing one at that.

I got that cart at Costco in a moment of “this would be perfect” that has become “this is a pain in the AHHH!” I have had to fix that thing so many times I want to scream, but I’m loath to throw away anything that I can still get use out of. The frame constantly needs tightening if it gets rolled anywhere, and the plastic drawers do not sit right. They were warped slightly when I bought the unit, and if the frame loosens they completely fall out. Plus, they are lousy at holding any amount of weight. Two packs of construction paper caused one drawer to break and the weight of it falling caused the drawer underneath do do the same, hence the lopsidedness. My efforts to use any and all glues imaginable to fix it have proven futile. (The Borg stand in awe.)

Organized Mess 2Then there is this organized mess on top of my bookcase to contend with when we need any supplies that I have to keep out of reach of my youngest. That’s where all the paints, glues, beads, sewing needles, and various other items are kept. Those long pieces of?Styrofoam are packing filler we kept from a Christmas gift. We’ll be using them to make airplanes.

I make it a point to evaluate ever item for potential reuse, repurposing, or creative alteration before we ever throw it away. This means that once again that even between these two pictures I’ve not shown you everything. I promise you, however, if you ask anyone who’s been to my house that it is far from a?hoarder’s?dwelling. I also have trunks that act as benches and coffee tables that contain more crafting materials. Not to mention all the little things I have stashed in the?closets.?Most everything is labeled in boxes and bins.

If there was a show that offered to come in and optimize my organization potential with, say, customized closet redesign and redesign my library/craft room set up, that would be just peachy. As it is I’m on my own. I’m constantly on the look out for better ideas, but I don’t have a sky high budget to work with. This is what organization looks like for a freelance writer working from home, mother of two kids ages 8 and 3, wife to one workaholic, and caretaker of three cats. I do my best without killing myself.

Do you have any helpful organization tips or ideas that wouldn’t break the bank to implement??

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