Preparing for the Great Pumpkin

Preparing for the Great PumpkinPhase one of the holidays begins with the onset of Autumn in September. ?October means preparing for the Great Pumpkin. ?(If you don’t understand that reference, I don’t know that we can be friends.)

We’ve added to our Family banner for this year, and are now breaking out all the Halloween decorations. ?We are also plotting our costumes. ?I’ve picked mine. ?All that remains is to buy the fabric and begin sewing. ?My husband has joked about dressing up this year, but as he never does, I won’t hold my breath. ?The kids, however, are another story all together.

My daughter has changed her mind at least twice a day since the first of October. ?She has until the end of this weekend to make a final call before I do. ?I’ll buy a costume off the rack if I have to, but I’d rather make them. ?They fit better and are one of a kind, which is always more fun. ?I think we’ve narrowed it down to the Princess and the Frog, or a Leopard girl. ?If that is so then her brother will either be a frog or Tarzan. ?He’s still pretty?malleable?for this kind of thing.

Now to be honest, my to-do list for this time of year is fairly extensive, and to keep up with it all I do?simultaneous planning and shopping. ?1) I hate shopping, and therefore try to keep it down to a minimum. ?2) I’m a thrifty gal. ?3) If I don’t then something or someone gets forgotten and I never hear the end of it.

Here is what I have to contend with: Halloween, husband’s birthday, Thanksgiving, daughter’s birthday, Yule, Christmas, and New Year. ?We’d also like to go to the NC Renesance Festival and I signed up for NaNoWriMo so, like I said, I have to plan this stuff out in advance and keep track. ?I have a daily planner for this because you know there is always far more to life than what you think about in the moment. ?There are dentist appointments, unexpected illnesses, friend and family visits, and whatever else decides to pop up.

Please, don’t mistake this for any kind of complaint. ?I do these things (mostly) gladly because making the holidays special for my family is what makes them special for me. ?This means I’m extra busy. ?It is only through my mad planning skills that I make these things happen with my family none the wiser for how crazy it could be if I just flew by the seat of my pants all the time. ?It’s another reason I count on my family’s lack of awareness for all my hiding places in the house as I buy things WAY ahead of schedule so I don’t have to do so much last minute shopping.

Speaking of which, it’s time I get to some of that shopping now. ?Plans are in motion, and the holidays approach. ?Wish me luck. ?I can always use some.


How are your holiday preparations coming? ?Any special family traditions–new or old?

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