SEO Content Writing for the Web

“SEO, what is that?? What do you do?? I thought you were a writer?”

These questions or some version of them have become common in many of my recent conversations with friends and family when I tell them what it is that I do.? I assure them that I am indeed a writer.? So what then is SEO and how do I use it to write?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization.? Basically when you type in a search for something on your browser SEO is what makes it possible to find what you are looking for quickly and efficiently.? For example, a writer with a solid grasp of SEO can write an article to help ensure that when searching for, say, shower panels your business which specializes in shower panels is among the first ten items to appear on the results list.

So how do I use this when writing?? Using keywords in the body of an article and meta tags to label the article, I ensure that search engines like Google or Yahoo will pull the article or the business I link it to because keywords and meta tags are factored into the algorithm which determines page rank (that’s the order items appear on that list of search results).

My simplified way of explaining this is as follows:? Remember in primary school when you were learning spelling words?? One of my favorite assignments was the one where you had to use as many of the spelling words as possible without changing them in a short story or paragraph.? Well, I’ve basically grown up to do the same thing.? I’m given a list of keywords which I use to write an article.? The keywords cannot be altered if they are to be effective, and often they are used as the meta tags for the article.? Then somewhere in the article or attached to it, I link to a particular business.

I am not an advertiser.? I write informative articles about a topic and then link it to a business that can provide the items or services I write about.? Though these articles can help the business that hires me, the article itself is not a promotion of that business.? That’s the trickiest part to explain, and sounds more like a semantic argument.

This is a rudimentary explanation of the role I play as an SEO Content Writer.? There is more to SEO for a business to utilize, and for that you need to explore specialists like Perez-Simons Web Studios.


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