Showing Our Thanks

Showing Our Thanks 1November is the month of Thanksgiving, and this year we decided to take the idea of sharing one thing we are grateful for each day one step farther. ?We’ve made a Thankful Wreath!

Utilizing an old Autumn Wreath making kit, we prepared a jar full of tags that we will use to write down things we are grateful and thankful for each day in November leading up to Thanksgiving to tie on the wreath. ?We also encourage any visitors we have in November to participate with us. ?After all, friends are the family we choose.

Some times it’s nice to have family traditions that span the generations, especially ones for showing our thanks. ?Growing up most holidays were spent mostly with just my immediate family, as we lived on the opposite coast from the majority of our extended family. ?As a result we didn’t have many traditions beyond feasting.

Showing Our Thanks

With my kids I like to try to do things that make the holidays special, all the holidays. ?As I’ve mentioned before this year the theme is family. ?We’ve been talking about what makes our family special and who is part of our family. ?We have extended family we keep in touch with, but it isn’t easy or always possible to get together so, we’ve been thinking of more ways to keep them involved in what we do.

One of our bright ideas is to send a few of our thankful tags to have them fill out and send back for us to add to our wreath. ?These are the little things that become traditions. ?As family traditions go, I see this one as being fun and easy to continue. ?It also gives us a way to feel closer even though the miles between us are long.


What are you doing to make the holiday special?

*Photo: 1) Our Thankful Wreath. 2) The jar of thankful tags. ?For all those curious, the wreath making kits were bought?en-mass?at a clearance sale from Michael’s a few years ago and were put out by K & Company.

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