Smoke Detector Rant

Today I discovered something completely scary and incredibly frustrating. My kitchen smoke detector like most in America goes off for just about every minor cooking smoke related activity, like every time I cook bacon or make toast. (Ours might be the only one that goes off for the toaster, but I know you know about the bacon.)

Granted I was being negligent and left the frying pan warming on the stove too long causing the butter to burn and start smoking. I turn and the kitchen is full of smoke, I mean it looks like a fog has rolled in, but the smoke detector is silent. I quickly turn on fans, open windows, and remove the pan from the stove. Then the smoke detector in the hallway goes off, the one that alerts the fire department. So we have to rush into action to disarm that and assure the operator that they need not dispatch a unit to see how royally I have screwed up breakfast.

All is calm, and I start all over, this time standing at the stove and not leaving for anything. I have learned my lesson. I fry up some eggs, some bacon, and put two slices of bread into the toaster. The toast pops up done and the kitchen smoke detector goes off.

Universe, why do you hate me today?

So the moral of the story is my kitchen smoke detector is really just a bacon and toast alert system.

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