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Games and Drama

I’ve been working on world building and establishing character baselines for a story idea that has been slowly consuming every errant moment I can spare from real life. This has had me thinking about character flaws, and that always relates to how real people act and cope with life. The worst of which many of […]

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Rolling Stone and Glass Houses

It is everywhere you look at the moment, the August edition Rolling Stone cover. I first saw it on Facebook prefaced by a comment from someone completely appalled by the implied ?rock star treatment? of Dzharkhar Tsarnaev, one of the suspected Boston bombers. My initial shock shut my brain down and I had to step […]

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What Is the Message?

A couple of weeks ago a video started circulating in my social media stream entitled ?It?s Not About The Nail? by Jason Headley. It is a situational skit about a woman sharing how she feels and a man struggling to listen when he can see a nail sticking out of her head, which seems to […]

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