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Chocolate Coins and an Advent Calendar

I have said it before, if you want to make the holidays special then you have to make them special. This Halloween I did not make things very special. No one really complained, but I felt it. I’ve decided not to let that happen again. So I’m throwing myself into holiday preparations for November and […]

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In Which It Was Not Wasted

I am a fairly lazy laundry lady. Things get washed, but I don’t have a high priority on getting clothes from the dryer to wherever they should be once clean. As a result most morning consist of getting out of bed and running to the laundry room to fish something out of the dryer, and […]

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Confessions of a Gamer Mom

Every now and then I see these memes or status updates from, let’s just say, people saying things referring to when they were younger how they didn’t have video games and played outside and didn’t have cell phones and that the street lights were their curfew and you get the idea. Then I see all […]

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