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Motherhood Sacrifices

Motherhood is full of sacrifices. This is what I have been told by many sources throughout my life. It is what I have felt as a truth from the time before I became a mother. As a mother I have experienced its power, the power of believing this as a truth. I have struggled with […]

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Bread and Milk Will See Us Through

The bad weather persists. For some this is a very serious issue. However, there are those of us who look out our windows and wonder just what the weather gods are up to and why all the humans in charge of making decisions can’t be supplied with better information. I’m assuming the humans are doing […]

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Groping In the Night

Groping in the night, Hands reaching, seeking flesh. Blankets shifted, falling aside. Chilled limbs exposed. Tiny paws stepping, Settling weight upon chest. Whiskers tickling nose and chin. Worming little body, Making space between parents. Another sleepless night.

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