Thankful, Grateful and Just Full

I love the simplicity of Thanksgiving. ?This may sound at odds with the chaos of getting the family together and preparing a feast big enough to feed twice the number present, but compared to other holidays this one is the nicest in the simplicity of its purpose.

Thanksgiving is about being thankful for all with which we have been blessed. ?In some ways that makes this holiday particularly special. ?There isn’t anything to?distract?you, not really. ?There aren’t any gifts to fuss with, or decorations. ?The meal we prepare is meant to represent the bounty of our blessings and to be shared. ?Nothing more is truly required.

Simply give thanks.

I hope today finds you with people you love whether that be the family you were born with or the family you’ve made for yourself with friends. ?I am thankful for all that I have, grateful to all those who bless me with their love and friendship, and plan to get my fill of this day’s bounty both from and around the table.

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