The Bitch?s Bridal Bible by Alessandra Macaluso

TBBB-coverEven in our progressive American society weddings are still a big deal to many women. Whether you are a blushing bride or a bridezilla there is a massive amount of work to do in preparation, and not all of it has to do with the actual wedding. There are some things you should think about before committing to a partner. The Bitch?s Bridal Bible is the bridal book that covers everything from before to after ?I do.?

If you did not get it from the title of the book, you should know that this bridal book does not hold anything back. This is not a candy coated version of how to prepare for happily ever after. This is a book for real brides who want to know the real deal about choosing the right groom, planning the right wedding and honeymoon, and what to expect from “till death do you part.”

Macaluso is candid in her delivery as she talks about her experience and shares those of others she has gathered along the way. This book offers a dose of reality were reality is needed without sucking all the joy out of the process. In fact, Macalusco talks about how to enjoy the moments as they come and offers useful tips on how to manage the inevitable stress of getting married, whether it is forcing brides to reevaluate their attitudes or providing some direction in dealing with friends and family who may have lost perspective of whose wedding it really is.

The Bitch?s Bridal Bible is full of personal perspectives, and professional advice. But like any really good reference book it covers the bases while allowing the reader to figure out exactly which parts they can use and what applies to them with a heaping dose of humor.

This is the bridal book I wish had been around when I was engaged. I had a few that were helpful, but Macaluso speaks my language with her sassy, savvy approach. She hits on some of the things that no one really talks about, like how much work there is and some of the less attractive parts of being with someone every day and night. It is not all sunshine and roses, and though you may intellectually understand this, it is all too easy to become disillusioned if you don?t attempt to face these aspects of reality before they slap you in the face.

I would recommend this book to any bride-to-be or even any bride-thinking-to-be. It might also be fun for all the bride?s-that-have-been. I know I laughed out loud at several points, mostly because I knew exactly what Macaluso was talking about having been there and seen it myself. Some brides prefer a straight up list for easy check off, while others might prefer to have their hand held throughout the entire process. This book offers both with practical and humorous information no matter what kind of wedding you are planning.

weddingbiopicAlessandra Macaluso is a freelance writer and creator at?heart. ?She is?an avid writer of screenplays, articles, and business/product reviews. Alessandra’s most recent work, the book “The Bitch’s Bridal Bible: The Must-Have, Real-Deal Guide for Brides,” is being released this April. She has contributed to Uptown Magazine, Charlotte Magazine, My Carolina Town Magazine, and, among other publications, and was featured in the New York Times ?Life and Style? section for her review of Ulta Beauty. Her original screenplay, ?Polar Suburbia?, placed as a semi-finalist in the 2009 Moondance Film Festival. ?To learn more about Alessandra you can visit her blog at


In the interest of full disclosure I should mention that Alessandra and I became acquainted when we were both hired as writers for an art blog, which neither of us writes for any more. We have since kept in touch as writers with similar interests. She has featured me on her blog as a PunkWife of the Month, and included me among the many she consulted for this book. However, I assure you that even had she not, I would still endorse this book.

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  1. Ali Macaluso March 20, 2013 at 4:30 pm #

    I love this! Thank you Veronica for an incredible book review. Link to Amazon for purchase coming soon. So glad you found it useful and humorous!

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