The Mommy Way

The Mommy WayWith Mother’s Day approaching, this year I have decided to blog every day this May about what it means to me to be a follower and?practitioner of the Mommy Way. I wrote a little about this once a couple of years ago in a post entitled?Mommy Mysticism.

The Mommy Way is not the end-all-be-all of motherhood. I do not have all the definitive answers. I have what I have gained through my personal experience as a daughter, student, counselor, teacher, friend, wife, and mother. I am still learning.

The path of motherhood is not for every woman. Biologically we may be equipped to reproduce, but giving birth does not necessarily make you a mother beyond that, and it certainly does not make you a mommy. The Mommy Way is about choice, and deliberate action to love and care for a child.

I do not mean to be?discriminatory?or exclusive, but as I am a woman, I will largely be talking from my perspective. Men who follow the Path of Fatherhood and who practice the Daddy Way will find many similarities. I think of the Mommy Way as an?experiential?discipline that can be applied to virtually any lifestyle. It is a personal?philosophy?that draws wisdom from what I consider healthy values.

My aim is to share my experience and personal philosophy in the hopes that many readers can identify with and perhaps draw some encouragement from it. I welcome comments and feedback as we go along.

*Photo: Undulating path, Bingley by Tim Green aka atoach, obtained through Flickr.

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