The Value of Writing

The Value of WritingThe ability to read and write ranks up there with fire, the wheel, and plumbing.? Writers have been an essential part of human civilization since the beginning of recorded history, which would not be recorded without writers.? The ancient kings and queens of old employed writers to record the awesomeness of their rule.? Though we know well the adage “it’s the conquerors who write history” in most cases it really is the recorders writing what the conquerors dictate who write history.

Professional writers are called many things depending on their specialization:? Historian, Court Recorder, Journalist, Author, just to name a few.? Additionally many professions require some form of writing whether it be documenting, reporting, or composing a letter.? Writing plays an integral role in internet use, and much is said on the subject.? Judgments are made quickly about a site or person’s credibility based on the quality of writing present.? Professional, quality writing skills can make all the difference in the world to success, so why are writers undervalued?

Make no mistake, writers, especially web-based writers are undervalued.? Many undervalue their own services.? Part of this may be attributed to the American recession and the general desire to get more for less, but there may also be an undervaluing of the skill involved.

Writing is a basic skill taught in schools everywhere, but not all who learn can write well.? All you have to do is read through blog posts and web content across the internet to see the truth of this.? Writing is more than stringing words together.? Writing involves stringing words together in a meaningful way to communicate ideas.? The utilization of proper spelling and grammar is just as important as word choice and the message being communicated.

When you look for a writer you should not simply be seeking someone to save you the effort of writing yourself.? You should be looking for someone skilled in writing, and competent in researching to provide you with the quality you require.? A good writer can make you look good, so imagine what a highly skilled writer could do for you.

It is OK to look for a deal, but you should expect to pay way more than minimum wage.? There is a huge continuum of pricing for writers starting as low as $5 an hour all the way up to $1000 an article.? Why so vast a difference?? Undervaluing.? Not only are those looking for writers paying poorly for the service, but there are also writers underselling themselves.? There begins the vicious cycle of reinforcing the undervaluing.

Writing is a skill, a valuable skill.? Ideally everyone should know how to write, but even so this should not lead to the minimizing of the skill of those who make writing their profession.? Anyone can pick up a saw and cut wood, but this does not make them a carpenter.? Anyone can pick up a paint brush and paint a picture, but this does not make them an artist.? The same applies to writing.


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