This One Time at WordCamp

This One Time at WordCampThis past weekend I went to Raleigh, NC to attend WordCamp Raleigh 2011 with my business partner and husband. ?This was our first business trip together, our first overnight without the kids in seven years, and our first trip anywhere out-of-town, overnight together since we’ve been married (a little over 10 years). ?To say it was momentous is kind of understating it just a wee bit.

First off I should say for all my non-geek readers WordCamp is a?conference that deals with every aspect of WordPress based websites (web design, SEO and all that). ?So it did not involve any awesomely cool writing workshops, though I did come away with a great deal of information to utilize in my blogging and other writing for the web endeavours. ?And though no one made any reference to the Bard, one speaker did manage to utilize one of my favorite subjects to discuss organizational techniques. ?If you were paying attention to my tweets you know I attended: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse using Custom Post Types and Taxonomies by Brad Williams. ?I’m all about preparing to survive the Zombie Apocalypse as anyone can tell you.

I wish I’d had the chance to attend the presentation entitled All Your Bugs are Belong to Us: Debugging and filing bug reports for WordPress by Aaron Jorbin, but that will have to wait until next year for me. ?I do so hope he comes back to do that one again. ?Near archaic video game reference aside, I think I could use the information.

I met some incredibly interesting and?knowledgeable people, and the Rapture apparently passed us all by. ?Seriously, either that was a total no go or we all have some worrying to do. ?On that subject, I’ll just say that perhaps the ETA or ETD needs recalculating if it’s even possible to do that given our source material for such things. ?Best to make sure you can live with the choices you make so that whenever that time comes you are as ready as you can be to face the undiscovered country. (HA! ?Got my Shakespeare allusion in there.) ?In the meantime, make sure you are prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse.

On the couple front, let me say that I don’t think my husband and I have slept that well in years, and unless we take another out-of-town, overnight trip we aren’t likely to for quite some time to come. ?It is amazing how different your sleep is when there are no children sneaking in bed or jumping on you in the morning to demand breakfast. ?Oh, we had our romantic couple time out on the town, but having that bed child-free was the best. ?(All parents know what I mean.)

While we were out walking all over the entire downtown Raleigh, we came across this talented guy in a kilt playing the bagpipes. ?I love the bagpipes, and kilt wearing men, so of course there had to be a picture! ?Sadly, I was too busy talking and taking notes or just having fun to take many others. ?But next year, assuming that neither the Rapture nor the Zombie?Apocalypse?prevents it, I’ll attend WordCamp again and take more pictures. ?I know the Mayan calendar?is due to expire in 2012, but since that isn’t until December 2012, I believe WordCamp is still on, though I don’t think it was originally scheduled on the Mayan?calendar.

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