We Kick It Up With Autumn

We Kick It Up With AutumnSeptember 23 marks this year’s Autumnal Equinox, and around here that means the holiday season really begins. ?It’s all part of wrapping up another year and preparing for the next. ?Seasonal changes are my favorites because they happen whether you believe in them or not. ?This makes recognizing them less?commercial?and therefore, more genuine and fun, in my opinion on account of the fact that there aren’t any?arguments?about them.

In our house there is a blend of traditions, and one of the ways we make it successful is through understanding that we celebrate our family. ?Holidays are about family coming together. ?Any happy time that we can spend together is good. ?I also like to decorate to add to the festivities, that’s what makes everything seem more special.

We Kick It Up With Autumn 2This year my daughter has taken a keener interest in helping me out with the decorating, and she has had some great ideas to add to all our projects. ?We started out preparing for Autumn by making a family banner using the brown packing paper I saved, finger paints, acrylic paints, and some bits and pieces from old scrapbooking and wreath kits (one wreath kit we used to actually make the wreath on our front door above). ?Here you can see her brilliant idea of hand prints on our family banner!

Next, I believe, she wants to work on making?hand-print?turkeys, but I think the pumpkins should be added to the banner first. ?It is definitely an on-going project as the season progresses: September leaves, October pumpkins, and November turkeys. ?It all seems to flow along nicely.

We are making it a point to truly celebrate family this year in every way we can. ?With all the difficulties that 2011 has held for so many with the economy, the tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other bad news that just seems to have effected so many I know, I’ve made my home more homier for us and any friends that happen to visit. ?Maybe I’m just feeling sappier than usual, but it just seems like the best use of my efforts.

So bring on the apples and pumpkins! ?After we finish with all our decorating it’ll be time to start the goodies. ?We’ll need cider and pies, cookies and cakes. ?We’ve got celebrating to do!

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