Well Now What?

Well Now What?I am a writer. ?I love writing. ?In fact, I write so much in so many different places that I totally missed my blog-aversary here by like, oh, five months. ?I started this?endeavor back in April of 2010. ?As I mentioned I’ve been writing all over the place, here, other blogs, my manuscripts, content for other websites, articles, and I still pick up pen and paper to write. ?I’ve lost count of everything I’ve written or taken part in writing, but there is a post count here, and this post marks my 100th post on Veronica Monique.

Well, what now?

I keep writing, that’s what. ?My apologies for the lack of Pomp and?Circumstance–I never really liked that composition anyway. ?I’m a doer, really. ?I like being part of things, doing things, but not necessarily ending things–probably because nothing really ends in my mind. ?There is always another story to tell, another chapter to unfold, the next generation to follow. ?I’m even a firm believer in there being an after life, though what that looks like is still up for debate.

I write because I love the act of stringing words together to form meaning. ?I love recounting my experiences and observations to share with others. ?I am compelled to create stories for all the scenarios of my imagination, giving life to that which doesn’t exist outside my mind otherwise.

So, after I finish this, my 100th blog post, I’ll begin writing something else. ?Writing isn’t an option for me. ?It is the way I breathe.


What about you? ?How do you breathe? ?Do you like Pomp and Circumstance?

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