Working Discipline

Now that I’m working from home, I have a flexible schedule, but I’m realizing the importance of having a schedule nonetheless.? The major challenge in sticking to a schedule is dealing with my son.? He’s almost two.? Because of the kid factor, my schedule is more of a general guideline with a few goals to accomplish.? I try to keep it to three main tasks a day, but will go up to five if need be.? However, anything beyond that is mission impossible, and just setting myself up for a bad day.? This is my rough guideline for each day.

7:00 -? Wake up, make breakfast.? Hustle hubby off to work, and daughter off to school.

8:30 – Make breakfast for self and son.? Check email.

9:00 – Go for walk with friend.? Enjoy social time with another living adult while kids play.? (This is key to healthy development for my son and keeping my sanity.)

11:00 – Make lunch and get son settled; nap time follows shortly after.

12:00 – Research and write.? Take periodic breaks to rest eyes and attend to son.

5:00 – Pick up daughter.

After that it’s dinner, family time, bedtime, then I’m back on the computer to write some more, but that’s mostly for me.? Somewhere in there I always find time to chat with friends.? The schedule can vary drastically some days, but I take it in stride.? My main goals each day always include writing a page or more, one household task, and my son.? Occasionally I call in a sitter so I can attend meetings or just get out on my own, and I don’t feel guilty for doing so.


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